The jalapeno pepper was the first chilli pepper to go into SPACE!
What's inside
Where can I get some?
There are currently 400 known types of chillies in the world.
In early ancient civilizations, chilli peppers were used as currency.
This tastes like my dreams.
Shrew Right
The bell pepper has a gene that prevents the production of capsaicin, the stuff that makes other peppers spicy.
What a girlpants.
Eating chillies releases endorphins in the brain, which give you a temporary high - like sex or chocolate.
Badger Small
Have you seen my mom?
It's getting rather toasty down here.
I can't breathe.
Devil and Bones
Hot chilli peppers speed up the metabolism by up to 23%, to aid with weight loss. Yes, ladies, you could look as good as I do.
Devil and Bones
My favourite!
Some Chilean cultures rub chilli powder on their feet to keep them warm. This would also work to repel yappy little dogs.
Devil and Chicken
Where the cluck am I?
Yum yum! Extra crispy!
I am Kelly.
Welcome to
my home.
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